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ESTELA – the voice of solar thermal electricity in Europe and MENA region!

ESTELA, the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, is a European Industry Association created in 2007 to support the emerging European solar thermal electricity industry for the generation of green power in Europe and abroad, mainly in the Mediterranean region. ESTELA involves and is open to all main actors in Europe and aboard: promoters, developers, manufacturers,utilities, engineering companies, research institutions:
  • To promote high and mid temperature solar technologies for the
    production of thermal electricity to move towards sustainable energy
  • To support research and innovation, including vocational training, and favouring equal opportunities
  • To promote excellence in the planning, design, construction and operating of thermal electricity plants
  • To promote thermal electricity at international level, mainly in the Mediterranean area and developing countries
  • To co-operate at international level to contribute to combat climate change
  • To represent the solar thermal electricity sector at European and world level


ESTELA closely collaborates with EU and international institutions in the fields of sustainable energy, climate change, environment, research and economic growth based on innovation.

Joining hands with national associations – Protermosolar (Spain) and Deustche CSP (Germany), ESTELA is devotedto promoting solar thermal electricity not only in Europe, but also in MENA region and worldwide.

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what we do

ESTELA is the voice of European concentrated solar thermal technologies and aims to coordinate a common message for the sector, considering the specific national needs and requirements of individual stakeholders. 

As a member, you can stay up to date on the latest policy, business and technology developments, network and share best practices through internal communication channels, as well as share your latest news and products through external communication channels like e-newsletters, weekly online news alerts via our communication channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, ESTELA & projects’ website. 

We advocate on behalf of our members and represent their interests at EU level. As a member you will be in touch with key stakeholders, partners involved in Eu-funded projects’ development, and actors in the renewables sector. 

At European level ESTELA continuously identifies legal frameworks and policy challenges and is involved in drafting and updating relevant policy documents for developments in the CST domain (such as CSP IP updates, etc), bringing the common interest of CST to policy makers. 


Being involved as a guest and speaker at conferences, events, and webinars, organised in ESTELA’s Network of Expertise, with the opportunity to broaden awareness of you, providing European policy makers with additional knowledge on CST sectors and actors. 

Visit our policy section to learn more about the hot topics we are covering. 

ESTELA supports research and innovation under EU programmes in order to foster the market penetration of concentrated solar thermal technologies and to consolidate the leadership of European industry at world level. We also fully support R&D initiatives across all Europe, from south to north.  

Learn more about our projects here  

Your company logos will be used on marketing and promotional materials on our website and social media channels, helping you to reach wider audience.  

Lower fees admission to ESTELA events will help to build your network and increase your industry knowledge. Furthermore, you will be invited to participate and / or attend workshops and other events organised by ESTELA and other consortium partners within EU funded projects.  

ESTELA co-operates with other organisations, such as IRENA, ASPIRE, Solar Impulse Foundation, IEA, Electricity Market design, regularly on publications, case studies and reports concerning solar thermal market. 

As a Member of ESTELA, you will have an opportunity to share your story or news via our online communication channels. Don’t forget to check out our latest publication and upcoming events! 


Over the years ESTELA has coordinated EU-funded projects with the aim to:

  • Spread the word about CST;
  • Derive policy recommendations for the deployment of CST across Europe; and
  • Support the activities of the CST area of the SET Plan.

ESTELA has also been participating in numerous EU projects, aiming at promoting the deployment of both commercial and R&I CST projects, with contributions to technology development and policy making for the uptake of CST installations in EU Member States as well as integration of CST in the EU energy agenda.

Learn more about our projects here.


ESTELA members are invited to actively participate in ESTELA working groups to: 

  • Make your voice heard, share knowledge and best practices; 
  • Strengthen the lobbying actions towards policy makers to influence tomorrow’s energy policy and development.  


By supporting and helping each other, this could contribute to reaching your business goals. 


the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association, is a non-profit association created in 2007. ESTELA represents more than 50 members from the industry and research institutions, active along the whole STE value chain. Joining hands with national associations – Protermosolar (Spain), ANEST (Italy), Deutsche CSP (Germany) and the SER-CSP (France), ESTELA is devoted to promoting solar thermal electricity not only in Europe, but also in MENA region and worldwide. To act widely, ESTELA with AUSTELA and SASTELA in 2012 jointly created STELA World. Today, ESTELA is the largest industry association in the world promoting the solar thermal electricity sector.


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