#GoFor35 Renewable Energy Target Joint Campaign

On 11 June European Energy Ministers will meet to decide on the level of ambition for Europe’s 2030 renewable energy target. This is the climax of years of negotiations and our best chance to get our voice heard.


ESTELA and other RES associations have started a joint initiative to push for a 35% RES target ahead of this Energy Council meeting.


More renewables deployment means more jobs, investments, exports and positive impacts for our communities. Raising the level of ambition from a 27% renewable energy target to 35% would help create an additional 132,000 jobs and inject €92bn into the EU economy from wind energy alone.


Join renewables enthusiasts from all over Europe in supporting a 35% target by writing to your energy Minister ahead of the 11 June meeting. By spreading the word on social media, we can create a groundswell of support for high ambition in renewables ahead of this critical meeting.


Three easy steps:

  1. Download your favourite postcard (below).
  2. Write a message explaining what renewables deployment means to your country/community.
  3. Take a selfie holding the postcard and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #gofor35 and #CleanEnergyEU – and don’t forget to send the physical postcard!


Don’t forget to tag us (Twitter: @ESTELA_SOLAR) in your pictures or send us your picture and we will share it on our social media channel too.