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Company Name: IK4-TEKNIKER
Company Address: POLO TECNOLÓGICO DE EIBAR 20600 Eibar (Gipuzkoa)
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Type of Membership: Associate Member
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  • Research Institution
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Design of new components Design of concentrated solarpower systems: - Precision tracking systems - Small-scale heliostats - Test benches - Verification and control systems for the assembly process Coatings: - Optical functionalization of surfaces: selective coatings, reflectives, antireflectives, etc. - Development of coatings with hydrophobic, hydrophilic, biocide, self-cleaning, photocatalytic, etc. characteristics Heat transfer and storage: - Modelling and simulation of thermohydraulic systems - Development, characterisation and monitoring of heat-transfer fluids and molten salts - Encapsulated PCMs and use of nanotechnology for enhancing the thermal properties of materials for storage and heat transfer Control, operation and maintenance: - Control and management using wireless communications systems - Predictive maintenance based on analysis of HTFs - Advanced control of processes - New O&M strategies - Automated field inspection - Ad-hoc sensor system