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Company Name: FICHTNER GmbH & Co. KG
Company Address: Sarweystrasse 3 70191 Stuttgart
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Type of Membership: Associate Member
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  • Consultancy
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Established in 1922 by Martin Fichtner, Fichtner has evolved from an at first regionally focused engineering office into Germany´s leading independent firm of consulting engineers, and it is now among the front-runners internationally. The Fichtner Group with its subsidiaries and associated companies has a staff strength of more than 1500 worldwide. The Stuttgart Home Office accounts for over 500 of these, comprising mainly experienced engineers, economists and management consultants covering a wide variety of specialist fields. For public- and private-sector infrastructure service providers we offer comprehensive and interdisciplinary consultancy support, with our key area of activity concerned with central utilities infrastructure. No other enterprise offers our combination of engineering and consultancy, as needed for realizing large-scale projects, with classical management consultancy services. Our company is headed by a management team which, with its chairman, bears overall responsibility. The body supervising our management is an advisory board, elected by the shareholders, made up of individuals of high standing in our business sector. Alongside its oversight function, it provides advice and support to management in all important matters relating to corporate policy and planning. Solar Thermal Energy For solar thermal power generation plants, we offer complete services in all project phases, from prefeasibility studies and evaluation of meteorological data up to commissioning and acceptance of facilities. Counting to our clients in this sector are, alongside project developers, investors and banks, also project owners, general contractors and technology suppliers. We have built up our wealth of experience through many challenging projects, and this has made us one of the world’s leading engineering consultancy enterprises for solar thermal power plants. Since our first solar thermal project in 1977, up to now we have planned or assisted in the realization of concentrating solar power (CSP) projects in over thirty countries with a total rating of more than 5000 MW. For technically highly complex solar hybrid power plants, we are involved in virtually every project worldwide. We bring our expertise in combining conventional with renewable technologies to bear when undertaking projects for solar seawater desalination, industrial process heat utilization and tertiary oil recovery. Principal facility types: - Parabolic trough power plants - Linear Fresnel plants - Solar tower power plants - Solar hybrid power plants – integrated solar combined cycle (ISCC) - Solar seawater desalination - Solar process heat for industry and mineral oil extraction - Solar plants for heat and cold generation