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Company Name: AZELIO
Company Address: Regnbågsgatan 6, SE 417 55 Göteborg, Sweden
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Azelio develops a Stirling-based concentrated solar electricity system with thermal energy storage. The system has superior efficiency through its unique storage solution and high conversion rate from heat to electricity. The solution is distributed and dispatchable, which means that electricity can be withdrawn from the storage on demand. With a storage capacity of 13 hours electricity production at nominal power, renewable electricity can be supplied at all hours of the day based on the typical electricity demand pattern. The system is modular and cost effective from small installations and can easily be expanded to a desired size. One unit has a capacity of 13 kWh, with an enclosed heliostat field area (25 x 25 m) and a tower (14 m). The tower holds both storage and production in order to reduce loss in energy efficiency. The storage media is an aluminum alloy. The storage media requires no refilling for remained capacity and has no degradation over time and can be reused over and over. Azelio launched a demonstrator of the storage solution in June 2018. The result of the launch is inquiries from over 54 countries, most in sun belt regions. In 2019 a full-scale verification project will be set up in Morocco together with strategic partner MASEN, followed by small scale market installations in 2020, and expansion to mass market in 2021. Azelio was founded in 2008. Currently the company has around 90 employees with offices in Sweden (HQ), China, Morocco and Spain. Azelio has strategic partnerships with MASEN, Masdar and Datang, along with institutional partners in research and technical development. Azelio’s solution for distributed and dispatchable renewable electricity at all hours of the day is cheaper than any other distributed solution on the market. For more information please see the following: - Video of our solution: - Website: