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Company Name: ACS COBRA
Company Address: Cardenal Marcelo Spínola, 10 28016 Madrid
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COBRA, founded in 1944, operates in the service sector and is a leader in: · Energy and water distribution networks · Telecommunications · Railways · Industrial systems · Energy projects In all of these fields COBRA delivers expert engineering, operations, installation and maintenance services. The prestige which our company has built up over sixty years is the direct result of the high quality of our work and COBRA's commitment to its clients. We have also made it a top strategic priority to ensure strict compliance with environmental and safety regulations in all our work. Among our main clients are: · Water, electricity and gas production and distribution companies. · Telecommunications operators. · Automobile companies. · Shipping, airport and railway companies. · Large shopping centres and distribution companies. · Local, regional and national public bodies. Our team comprises an extensive network of 120 offices in Spain and 45 abroad, employing 17.000 specialised professionals, of which 6.700 are distributed in countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. COBRA's matrix organisation features Division-based Head Offices which support the regional and local office networks in the four main Service areas- Engineering, Operations, Installations, and Maintenance. This structure enables us to take on projects of any size virtually anywhere in the world.