Techologies & Plants

The 4 types of CSP Electricity Technologies

Concentrating Solar Power plants produce electricity in a similar way to conventional power stations – using steam to drive a turbine. The difference is that their energy comes from solar radiation converted to high-temperature steam or gas. Four main elements are required: a concentrator, a receiver, some form of transport media or storage, and power conversion. Many different types of systems are possible, including combinations with other renewable and non-renewable technologies.

Concentrating Solar Power: The Basics

We have known the principles of concentrating solar radiation to create high temperatures and convert it to electricity for more than a century but have only been exploiting it commercially since the mid1980s. The first large-scale concentrating solar power (CSP) stations were built in the California Mojave desert. In a very short time, the technology has demonstrated huge technological and economic promise. It has one major advantage – a massive renewable resource, the sun, and very few downsides.