Workshop: Practical steps towards FOAK (ESTELA members & by invitation ONLY)

Workshop: Practical steps towards FOAK (ESTELA members & by invitation ONLY)

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Date(s) - 23/01/2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Mundo J


Workshop: Practical steps towards FOAK (ESTELA members ONLY)


  • The Innovfin financial means reportedly amount to some 800 M€ aiming at supporting the implementation of various initiatives, among which the one regarding STE and most specifically the part regarding a (STE)  FOAK in Europe. This pure, but soft financing instrument, could be blended – to some extent – with grants from the H2020 program. These means will be used according to a “First-Come-First-Served” procedure.
  • Most important is that FOAK projects are introduced by developers as early as possible, notwithstanding their current degree of detail.
  • We know that for any FOAK the issue of filling the gap – either by grants from different sources or by a kind of FiT from the importing country – along with the off-taking agreement will be in the end decisive. Even more that the funding itself. However, other FOAK projects are currently sent to the EC with a high degree of assumptions, just as to be filed among the candidates for Innovfin EDP funding.
  • This means that developers within ESTELA are now also called to submit towards EC such projects that should contain basic business case assumptions, a technology choice, an indication of where the innovation is seen (must not be technological only)
  • The first effect for developers of this would be that on the basis of such submitted proposals, the EC services (DG RTD/DG ENER…) would have to support the further discussions with EIB/INNOVFIN and others financial institutions, contacts with potentially interested entities in some Member States aiming at establishing bilateral agreements between host and importing country/ies in case of a basic business case making use of the Cooperation Mechanisms or any other business case. This support would implicitly also include contacts to the relevant authorities of the said Member States.