HORIZON-STE launches an animation video to promote Solar Thermal Electricity technologies’ wide potential in decarbonising the EU’s energy system

HORIZON-STE project is launching a video campaign to raise awareness of the wide potential of the Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) with its outstanding long-term thermal storage assets.

Decarbonising energy systems is a major challenge in the fight against climate change. Depending on their unique circumstances and natural resources, each country has a different approach in reaching its decarbonisation targets. To overcome these differences, Europe needs a smart blend of renewable technologies in all sectors to meet different national agendas and achieve full decarbonisation.

Solar thermal electricity technologies with the outstanding long-term storage assets (>15h) have a wide potential and are ready to:
✔️ deliver today manageable green energy even at night and;
✔️ decarbonise not only power but also heat sectors via industrial heat and hydrogen production.

Check out HORIZON-STE ’s new video and find out more what concentrated solar thermal technologies (CST) can offer and contribute to decarbonising energy systems.

Watch it now!